Цитаты из книги «The Sunhitcher»

Финский английский прекрасен. В словарь совсем не залазил. Книга про то, как товарищ путешествовал совсем без денег. И у него получалось! Если погуглите, книга официально распространяется на сайте автора.

This is the age-old paradox: men need sex for emotional proximity and women need to feel emotionally close before having sex.

“Of course you can drink wine in public. Alcohol no!” the officer explained. Oh, wine is not alcohol here.

I cried. Then I cried some more. Maybe all I was trying to do last night was to avoid the pain of facing the truth: Everything in life is in constant change, coming and going, leaving and returning, again and again.

“Coming here was one of the best decisions in my life. All these backpacking, hitchhiking and dumpster-diving experiences are completely new to me. But I think everyone here is escaping from something.

We learn to be ashamed at a very young age due to our upbringing and social conditioning,”

People didn’t know their neighbors. They lived to work and fortified themselves behind locked doors in the evening.

The most common food staples were bread, cheese, tomatoes and peppers—everything 100% organic and home-made. Once a day we’d have a warm meal with meat, beans, potatoes, eggs and the like. Everything was delicious—far from the tasteless standardized industrial crap that is sold in all European supermarkets.

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